Fresh Wild Monkfish x 1kg Available to Order
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Fresh Monkfish tails from the North Atlantic. You can see from the image of the whole fish what an ugly beast he is, the mouth is huge and full of nasty teeth, this belies the tender tail behind. Also called the angler fish as he has a light on a fin spine hovering over his head like a fishing rod attracting his prey. They say there are seven skins on a monk tail, one for each of the seven seas. The reality is that there are layers of membrane which are difficult to remove and there's always a little bit of skin left. You can choose the whole tail skinless, fillets or bone in steaks.

We will pack your order in poly boxes with either gelpacks (fresh) or dry ice (frozen) so the temperature is maintained.If you order fresh and frozen seafood then you will receive 2 boxes. Should you order just a small amount of frozen we may pack this with the fresh. All fresh seafood is subject to availability.

Skinless Tails 19.00 Skinless Fillet Steaks with centre bone