Gravadlax with Dill sauce Available to Order
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Gravadlax means 'buried salmon' in Scandinavian. In the days before freezing and smoking salmon could be preserved by burying the fillets in the earth. The process involved covering the fish in dill which acts as a preservative and presumably kept the worms at bay... These days the process is much more civilised, same salmon, same dill but not a spade in sight. The end result is delightful and if you have never had it give it a try it'll cost you less than a fiver! Usually frozen apart from Christmas time when we sell loads and have it fresh daily...

We will pack your order in poly boxes with either gelpacks (fresh) or dry ice (frozen) so the temperature is maintained.If you order fresh and frozen seafood then you will receive 2 boxes. Should you order just a small amount of frozen we may pack this with the fresh. All fresh seafood is subject to availability.

Pack size
4 oz 4.20 8oz 8.00