Fresh Wild Skate Wings x 1kg Available to Order
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Skate wings from the North Sea. When we buy the skate on Grimsby market our filleters groan as cutting the wings and hand skinning them is an arduous task. The result however is worth waiting for, after lightly pan frying scrape the delicate meat from the cartilage skeleton and enjoy. The skate, and there are many different commercial species, is actually a close relative of the shark. Many of the supermarkets don't sell it for fear of being labelled Dodo hunters, my view 'buy now while stocks last'!

We will pack your order in poly boxes with either gelpacks (fresh) or dry ice (frozen) so the temperature is maintained.If you order fresh and frozen seafood then you will receive 2 boxes. Should you order just a small amount of frozen we may pack this with the fresh. All fresh seafood is subject to availability.