Argentinian Wild Peeled and Deveined Prawns x 1kilo Available to Order
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A new addition to our range of wild seafood: The Argentinian pink prawn is being harvested in bigger quantities these days. Now you can have the hand peeled and deveined tails in a one kilo bag. Raw, large, cold water and full of flavour these are the finest peeled prawn available. If you like Scottish peeled scampi tails then you'll love these which are generally bigger and glazed just 20% not the ridiculous glazing of 40% which is the industry norm for scampi.
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We will pack your order in poly boxes with either gelpacks (fresh) or dry ice (frozen) so the temperature is maintained.If you order fresh and frozen seafood then you will receive 2 boxes. Should you order just a small amount of frozen we may pack this with the fresh. All fresh seafood is subject to availability.